Best-in-class security.
All data and API calls are secured using multiple layers of encryption.

Secured Infrastructure

Tende runs on a secure cloud infrastructure; all data exchanges are via secure channels certified by Digicert & Norton.

Two-factor Authentication

Each payment requires the user to input their secret Tende PIN, as well a one time security token sent to them via SMS or email.

Audit Trail & Logs

We maintain a digital trail for all actions performed on Tende; making it easier to track your account usage & activity.
cloud security alliance
GDPR compliant
protected by encryption
powered by 2fa
How we keep your data secure.
All sensitive data is stored on the Tende platform in an encrypted format, under stringent security protocols including but not limited to:
Secure login through 2 factor authentication using PIN and one time password (OTP).
Realtime logging of transactions and user activity.
Advanced firewalls and strict access controls to protect against unauthorized access and DDoS attacks.
Realtime monitoring of systems and frequent backups.
How we keep your money secure.
We constantly monitor the platform for any suspicious activity and track all transactions allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Hacker-proof technology

We employ industry leading best practices and intrusion detection systems to prevent any unauthorized access.

Fraud detection and monitoring

All transactions are logged and frequently audited to ensure that no fraudulent activity takes place on the platform.
Commonly asked questions

Has the Tende platform been audited by independent security experts?

The Tende platform has undergone rigorous security tests, including penetration tests by accredited experts.

Where is my data stored?

All information is stored in a secure environment with restricted access.

How safe & secure is my data?

All data is stored securely in an encrypted format using industry best practices.